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Our Story

Earthbound is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the textile manufacturing industry. In our development, the business quickly became a market leader in setting new trends and designs, placing great emphasis on quality control alongside customer service. This working ethos and meticulous attention to detail founded our reputation within the market.

Our clients in the textile clothing industry struggled to find good quality beds for their beloved pets, making special requests to create one for them. Realising our furry companions deserve no less, this paved the way to bring our expertise in making the best for them.

That was around 20 years ago.

Earthbound is now an established market leader in the UK pet industry, well known for our high-quality British made pet bedding, building an extensive catalogue of lovely things for dogs. All inspired by a British sense of style, yet with a global appeal, featuring, country, neutral and patterned designs.

We pride ourselves in making the entire range of bedding, coats, blankets, bandanas, and toys in-house by Earthbound whilst, making new inroads into using more sustainable production methods and fabrics.

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dog wearing a green cotton dog collar and green cotton dog lead

Our emphasis on innovation precedes by ensuring we create outstanding quality beds, through generous thermal fibre filling, thus enhancing the beds cosiness. We select premium upholstery grade fabrics for greater durability and were one of the first to introduce Tweed range of fabrics in pet products more than a decade ago, which has now become our Signature Collection.

Dachshund wearing a beige braided nylon dog collar

We are passionate in upholding our commitment to innovation and design, with the purpose of creating functional and stylish products for your adored pets. Hence, Earthbound is now stocked in over 350 stores around the United Kingdom and across several countries in Europe.

Dogs are at the forefront of our minds when we design, source materials, and sew. In a world where humans give themselves the best of the best, we strongly believe
our furry friends are worthy of the same comforts.

It’s simple, humans love dogs... this is our way of loving them back.

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