Size Guide - Classic Round Beds

Follow these 3 simple steps on how to measure your dog for the recommended size bed:

Step 1: To measure your dog's correct length, use a fabric tape measure and start from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Once this is done, add up to an extra 15 cm to give them enough room to stretch freely.

Step 2: To get the width, measure shoulder to shoulder and add up to an extra 15 cm to give them enough room to stretch easily.

Step 3: Check the internal measurements on the size chart covering the usable space inside a bed to determine the appropriate size.

dog measuring for a dog bed guide

External Measurements Internal Measurements
Size Length Width Height Length Width
S 51 cm 49 cm 23 cm 38 cm 37 cm
M 61 cm 54 cm 24 cm 51 cm 45 cm
L 76 cm 70 cm 25 cm 61 cm 56 cm
XL 84 cm 80 cm 26 cm 74 cm 67 cm

Classic round dog bed measuring guideThe external measurements of the bed indicate the amount of space taken up by the whole bed.

Important Note - Our beds are hand-made; measurements may vary slightly. In addition, when unboxing any dog bed, we advise giving it a good shake by loosening it up a bit, so it resumes its original shape.