Size Guide - Dog Coat Sherpa (Orange Check Only)

Getting the right fitting for your dog coat can be done in 2 simple steps.

Step 1: To find the length, use a fabric measuring tape and start from the base of the neck right down to the base of the tail.

Step 2:  To measure the girth, measure the widest part of the chest, which is behind the front legs.

           how to measure for a dog coat

Size Back Measurement Girth Measurement
XS 25 cm 38 - 47 cm
S 30 cm 49 - 63 cm
M 36 cm 55 - 71 cm
L 41 cm 63 - 85 cm
XL 46 cm 72 - 93 cm
XXL 51 cm 82 - 107 cm

Please note the girth measurement ranges from the smallest possible size to the largest. All of our dog coats are handmade, which means that there may be slight variations in size.