Classic Camden Bed Grey
Classic Camden Bed Grey

Classic Camden Bed Grey


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Our Classic Round Dog Bed features the Camden fabric, a woven upholstery-grade material that provides durability and heat protection. This heavier-weight fabric is perfect for the British climate, in shades that bring the sunshine indoors.

The bed walls are constructed with premium bonded thermal fibre, creating a sturdy and long-lasting structure that protects your furry friend from drafts. The seam surrounding the walls further reinforces the bed's structure, ensuring maximum comfort. The bed's inner cushion is removable, reversible, and replaceable for your convenience, and the base material is waterproof for added functionality.

This practical and aesthetically pleasing bed adds light and style to any space.

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Have you ever observed how your dog sleeps? Well…if you’re fascinated by how their sleeping style can help you decide which bed may be suitable, click here to find out more.

Also available in apricot and teal

Fabric Composition: Camden Fabric - 100% Polyester; Base Material - 100% Polyester
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Follow these 3 simple steps on how to measure your dog for the recommended size bed:

Step 1: To measure your dog's correct length, use a fabric tape measure and start from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Once this is done, add up to an extra 15 cm to give them enough room to stretch freely.

Step 2: To get the width, measure shoulder to shoulder and add up to an extra 15 cm to give them enough room to stretch easily.

Step 3: Check the internal measurements on the size chart covering the usable space inside a bed to determine the appropriate size.

dog measuring for a dog bed guide

External Measurements Internal Measurements
Size Length Width Height Length Width
S 51 cm 49 cm 23 cm 38 cm 37 cm
M 61 cm 54 cm 24 cm 51 cm 45 cm
L 76 cm 70 cm 25 cm 61 cm 56 cm
XL 84 cm 80 cm 26 cm 74 cm 67 cm

Classic round dog bed measuring guideThe external measurements of the bed indicate the amount of space taken up by the whole bed.

Important Note - Our beds are hand-made; measurements may vary slightly. In addition, when unboxing any dog bed, we advise giving it a good shake by loosening it up a bit, so it resumes its original shape.

To maintain this bed in top condition, we recommend airing the bed frequently by turning it upside down, in addition to keeping it clean as advised. Carrying out spot cleaning whenever necessary is the perfect way to keep the bed in prime condition. Use a well-wrung cloth that is firstly soaked in warm water with pet-safe laundry detergent; gently lift or, in circular motions, remove any marks or stains. Give the dog bed a good shake regularly, plumping up parts of the bed, like a pillow, to keep the shape and breathe life into the product!

Machine wash only at 30 degrees, on a low spin speed and flat dry only.

Do not iron and tumble dry.

When spot cleaning, do not use harsh cleaning products and do not rub.

If dry cleaning, go with an alternative green dry cleaner, either wet cleaning or liquid CO2 and check beforehand if they use pet-safe detergents/solvents.

We advise against over-washing to maintain the shape of the bed.

Naturally, your furry companion’s well-being and comfort are essential, hence, we advise placing their bed in a warmer area, off cold floors, to avoid condensation build-up and prevent any damage to the bed. Most of our beds have a shower-proof base to prevent moisture from seeping onto the floor. Nevertheless, if you decide to position the bed on a hard surface, you may want to consider placing a perforated mat or any moisture-wicking mat to allow for airflow. This may prevent condensation build-up.

• Ensure all packaging is removed from the product before use.

• Be sure to position your pet’s bedding in a private but accessible place which is free from draughts.

• Do not leave puppies or dogs that are inclined to chew unattended with products.

• Do not place beds on damp floors. Lift the bed regularly to allow the floor to be aired.

• Ensure beds are thoroughly dried and aired after washing.

• Check for signs of wear and tear on products. Remove immediately if damaged or parts have become detached.

• Seek immediate veterinary attention if any material is ingested.

• Your pet’s health and well-being are most important!

• For Pets Only.

• Not Suitable for Children.

• Keep Away from Fire.

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Customer Reviews

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E Wood
The dogs like them

These seem really robust beds that will hopefully last a while. The dogs seem to find them really comfortable and there’s plenty of room for multiple sleeping positions (medium size for a frenchie). It loses a star as the colour is much darker grey than in the photos.

Thank you for your review! We greatly appreciate your kind words about the quality of our beds, and it's truly heartwarming to know that they have brought so much joy and comfort to your furry friends
Based on your feedback, we have adjusted the site's colour to achieve a closer colour match. The appearance of this may vary depending on the device's screen.

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